Horses are large, often unpredictable animals. They are beautiful and, at the same time, a potential hazard. All riders  should know how to act to remain safe around horses. We do our best to contribute your restful and enjoyable holiday. That’s why we’ve written much interesting information about horse riding in our blog.

And now let, please, introduce you security rules:

  • groups should be organised, not to make noise;
  • don’t enter the horse stable without the staff support of our horse stable;
  • don’t come up to the horses’ hind legs;
  • don’t feed up animals – your food may become a cause of colic (abdominal pain);
  • don’t run around and don’t blame near horses;
  • get on and off horseback only with the permission from your instructor.

Hope, this short article will be useful for you and we’ll have a great time together when you come!


If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact our horse riding instructor: