“I’ve got a training horse riding package for my daughter in “Tempo” from my friends. We decided to take my camera in case there was smth beautiful and unusual for us. There were lots of interesting staff: big and small horses, little ponies, saddles, opened and closed training fields and so on…❄

Nobody can explain our emotions, they can only be felt. My child was so happy to ride a horse and I, as her mom, too. She tried 5 riding lessons, 5 different horses including little pony. I published photos every time after training on horseback, wrote reviews about every animal separately. Every horse as every person is unique. Since that time we entered the stable’s territory, my family has been on the cloud nine, emotions overfilled us. We had a science-based approach to horses’ welfare😊)))

Later I was asked several questions about my works by the potential clients on the Internet. Then, got my first order. So, the story was just beginning…” – Nadiya Danylova, child’s, family’s and horse’s photographer. Nadia also does subject photography very perfectly.🎡