The time spent with horses in the woods makes your soul calmer and cheers up your body. Your heart starts to beat together with the forces of nature; you feel a rustle of each leaf, each smell, enjoy the smallest rays of light. You get a feeling that there’s a bath of absolute calm, try with all your body’s pores how tasty the air is…


The positive effect of horse riding lessons is already felt in several classes: the metabolism is accelerated, the body’s work improves and you fall asleep fast and deeply. You’ll sit straight and high on horseback both in a saddle and without it. During the riding lessons people forget about the city, about the work or study, they forget about everything except that they want to live. The level of training depends on the frequency of the classes attending and the personal desire to study. Remember, the highest pleasure is to achieve success from any complicated work.


Are you on the maternity or paternity leave and want to diversify your usual regime without burdening the grandparents? Our kind horses will gladly help you and your little children to have a lovely time. You’ll be able to walk around the stable, get general tutorial instructions and even can try to ride a horse at the same time with the little child. Your child will feel the touch of nature because apart from beautiful nature and horses we also have other nice animals.


The best gift for relatives and friends is taking care. So, present them emotions. Especially on the occasion of any holidays, our designers created 3D certificates that will be a pleasant surprise for people you love. Choose a service and a unique design. As we also ride horses inside you don’t have to worry about the rainy and cold weather. We’ve already thought about it…


If you’ve read or heard a lot about horses, watched fascinating movies about them and want to get acquainted with these beautiful animals here in Lviv, then there’re excursions to our stable. You will be able to feed horses with delicacies (e.g., apples and carrots), see how they thank for that with the slope or the leg. We will show you our opened and closed arenas, tell about the basic rules of behaviour at the stable, about the difference between horses life with people and in the herd. You will also get known a lot about many saddles and if you wish, you can even try to prepare the horse for departure by cleaning and paddling it.


Life is the most interesting with friends. They support, rescue and give new ideas. That’s why this service is for those who like spending time actively in the company and want to try new unfamiliar emotions. You can book a horse for a walk and divide the riding time between several people. The service is suitable for children’s camps and school’s excursions. Here you’ll find a place to put a rug or play some active games.


When you get on horseback at first, you may have the emotions of delight and fear. And that’s such a pleasure when the delight wins your fear: your eyes are full of happiness, the smile doesn’t leave your face and the photographer fixes these bright moments on their camera. Horses treat photo shootings very gently, they are not afraid of flash and even wake up before such delicate work with the first rays of the sun.


The owners of beauty and grace will go to an equestrian tour only under the most courageous riders. The service is intended for people who are active in life, already able to ride the horse and want to try something new. This is an extreme trip with a steep route and crazy gallop. Before departure, all details are discussed with the instructor.