Freedom is beating of the heart with the sound of hooves!

Welcome to our riding site. We’re very pleased with your attention. Please, read shortly about us, about horse riding in Lviv and what actually we’re doing.

Our instructors are skilled professionals with many years of experience in this field. They began with such a light children’s hobby – riding on horseback in the village, which later turned into a really serious and lovely job.

Horse riding has different disciplines: English, western, racing, trick riding, equestrian vaulting and riding with cordeo.

The two styles that have captured our hearts are western and riding with cordeo. So, we’ll tell about them with a great pleasure.

Are you interested? Then welcome to visit our horse riding club in Lviv and try new, still unfamiliar emotions of happiness and delight.

Western, it is also called cowboy, comes from America, from the states where they are engaged in agriculture. Even to the present, horses are used there for the rapid movement of steppe and mountainous terrain. Apart from being practical, cowboys get a lot of pleasure from their work, because long routes, steep turns and mountains increase the level of adrenaline in the blood and well develop the muscular structure of the body. For such a ride we need special cowboy saddles. Their main feature – a horn in front and a deep bow on the back, which provides a steady landing rider at sharp movements and stops. We chose such saddles for our clients, as experience has shown that they have more confidence in themselves and their capabilities, get the most pleasure from walks and maximum safety in campaigns. And even these saddles are comfortable for horses, as they distribute the mass from above evenly along the back.

Another direction is riding a ride in freedom, or, as they say in the people, from the Cordoba. The coroi is a string on the shoulders of a horse that sends command signals. In this style, iron in the mouth of an animal is not used, which exerts pressure on the gut angles and tongue, thus forcing it to perform certain actions. The ride on the cordier involves a close relationship between the horse and the person, his desire to listen and volunteer. It is very difficult to teach: it is necessary to become friends and partners in the first place, which have a common goal of their activity. It is also important not to forget about love, respect, as well as the fact that a person is a leader in this pair. But, having achieved the result, you will not be cut off by the usual passers-by, they will be delighted to watch such an interesting action. With a free horse also ride without a saddle, and this is a new feeling of a special unity with the animal.