You might have noticed how photo shootings with horses have been becoming more and more popular among Lviv citizens for the last three years.

Our “pets” work both: on the riding lessons inside and in the wood during strolling, which provides them with love, sugar and smth else… Once upon a time, we made pigtails for our wonderful horses and shot it on the phone. They might have not understand what they wore red and white pigtails for, but definitely felt over the moon during the process of “making hairstyle”.
At times their faces are alike to women’s faces when they have their hairstyle done. Not to abuse women, horses do feel thrilled while have their braids made. Later, one photographer took a photo of that moment. We received lots of comments and the firsе order for a photo shooting with a horse in the park. You got it, the beauty catches ones eye immediately.

So, welcome to photo session with horses in our riding club, to feel the amusement from riding and get good memories from the photos)))