We offer the possibility for professional or amateur photographers and models to stay at the stable and organize a horse photography holiday. Our horses and clients are the number one priority— health, well-being, and comfort. Each horse behaves differently and you have to respect their temper. So, just read, please, this short article to get acquainted…

The golden behavior

        Just imagine you invite your relatives, friends or partners to your home and there’re some rules you expect them to follow: take off shoes, not to touch your staff, not to tease children and pets… Reciprocally when you’re a guest you try to guess what the owner of the house likes and buy those stuff. Usually you buy smth. tasty for coffee or tea.

The same is when you come to the horses’ home!

       Horses are big, strong and fearful by nature. Even though many people take some sweeties for getting acquainted closer and become friends, that doesn’t mean that horses will trust them. Bear in mind a horse is not a human, and does not think the same way you do. While being with a horse you should control your emotions, and become confident. This is a luxury for a prey animal, who never knows what danger lurks around the corner. A sense of order should be important to you too, that’s you should listen to our instructions before starting and they will bring out the best in you. You also can check our time offers through the link and ask all questions in a contact section.

      Best regards!

      And see you!