We like to keep our Equine shoots relaxed and fun, creating an enjoyable experience to remember for years to come. Our equine photographer and videographer have years of practice that’s why they know what angles and techniques are the most flattering during the session.

Our horses perform:

  1. trapezium;
  2. shoulders down;
  3. a bow;
  4. leg forward;
  5. Spanish walk;
  6. a rear.

The photoshoot costs:

  • group package till 5 persons: horse riding for everybody, horse trick (a rear or a bow), 1 hour of photoshoot 600USD;
  • full individual package – hairStyle, makeUp, dress rent, horse riding, horse tricks, possibility to change your looks, 2 hours of a photoshoot 450USD.
  • part individual package – horse riding, horse tricks, possibility to change your looks, 1 hour of photoshoot 300USD.

Our own friendly, bilingual and professional local photographer will take pictures of you with up to 5 horses and portraits separately.

There’ll be possible to change few locations and clothes for the pictures.

We also provide you with the discount when there’re two of you and more or if you don’t take just a half of package.

Ask for portfolio in private messages https://www.facebook.com/HorseRidingLviv/ and Instagram #tempohorses.

The single best thing you can do is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Your mood and level of comfortability will be evident in the photos. Nothing looks better than having a natural laugh or smile captured.🌲☘.)



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