Before starting the horse riding course we’ll help you to get acquainted with the horses, feed them with apples or carrots, and explain you how to treat the horses.

1⃣ The first lesson is a calm walking on a horseback in the forest in a relaxing atmosphere. You’ll sit in the western saddles, which are very comfortable and safe for both beginners and experienced riders. Besides, you’ll learn the signals you can make to guide, steer and, the most important, to stop the horse.

2⃣ – 3⃣ The second and the third lessons will be given inside by the instructor, who will hold you and your horse with a long lace. You’ll ride trot and learn how not to loose the balance on a horseback.

4⃣ At the fourth lesson you’ll do galloping for the first time.

5⃣ You’ll ride completely on your own on the fifth lesson.

6⃣ Improving galloping at the sixth lesson!

7⃣ At the seventh lesson you’ll be accompanied by the instructor, who’ll ride another horse, in the forest and try yourself in the extreme conditions. 8⃣We promise, you’ll love the seventh horseback riding lesson and will repeat it at the 8th one) So, trot and gallop on your own only during 8 lessons! Amazing, isn’t it?

There are many interesting things ahead and only you will decide whether to continue or not!

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