Mutual trust is the key way to difficult exercises and further learning of new elements.

How to start?

“Liberty style” – is the basis of all trainings with the horse. It can be compared to the house foundation –  stronger  it is sturdier you house will be.

And one more thing…

How are you going to do training if your horse goes away?

Or if he doesn’t respect you?

That’s why Liberty style is overarching to begin with.

Preparing to Liberty style. The basic principles.

Principle 1: Your horse has to be with you.

It means that your horse has to prefer to be with you then anything else. You have to be the first priority to your horse before other stuff surrounding.

Principle 2: Your horse has to come up to you when you call it.

It’s not so easy to reach the point when your horse comes up anytime you desire. Your energy has to make an influence on the animal. It’s vital to concentrate and imagine  there are only you two and nothing else that may distract.

Principle 3: Use comfortable or tasty reward.

Any achievements of your horse must entail a good reward with something sweet or just a verbal  praise.

Principle 4: Your horse can’t get bored.

When your horse is bored he finds some better things to do than listen to your commands. And so Liberty Style   involves short and more interesting lessons rather than  long and very tiring ones. 


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